Android M to Include Native Fingerprint Scanner Support

Ever since it was introduced on the iPhone 5s, Touch ID has been a really big hit, with multiple Android manufacturers trying to emulate it. And up until this year, every attempt at it hasn’t quite been up to par with Apple’s version. Even with this new version found on the Galaxy S6, (used by simply touching rather than sliding) it is very limited as to what it can do.

Next Gen Apple TV won’t have 4K Support

With the long-awaited, next-generation Apple TV set-top box to come some time this year with a potential announcement as early as June, there have been multiple rumors as to what new features it will come with. The most rumored (and most wanted) ones being access to the App Store and Siri integration. And also with a rumored Apple Streaming service on the way, one feature that everyone thought to be a no-brainer add-on may not be happening this time around.