The Biggest News from Mobile World Congress 2015

Just in case you happened to miss any of the big announcements from Mobile World Congress last week, we have a nice little round-up of some things that were there.

Apple Watch Pricing and Availability, New MacBook Announced

If you are like the many people out there curious about the price of the Apple Watch, the time has come for Apple to announce all the details. At an even held today, Apple gave all the details they left out in September of last year about their highly anticipated smart watch.

Nokia gets back in the game with N1 Tablet

Yesterday Nokia put out an announcement that they were launching something new. Today they revealed that new product to be the N1 Android Tablet.  Priced at an attractive mid tier price of $249.


This is the first product from Nokia after they sold licensing rights to Microsoft in this past year and exited the Mobile phone market.

It is interesting that they have decided to jump into the Android ecosystem but with the N1 it looks like they are serious about producing a great Android device.