Boeing Shows Off Maneuverability of their 787-9 Dreamliner

Boeing is in England this week at the Farnborough Airshow showing off their new 787-9 Dreamliner. Even though this is a commercial aircraft, you can see in the video below it is able to maneuver very easily even at low altitude. Now don’t get too worried about flying in one of these on your next trip, this is just a demonstration of what the plane is able to do in order to convince companies to buy them.


And just in case you don’t think this video is real, here is one taken during the airshow earlier this week.

The CHBL Jammer Coat will ‘Hide’ You

Austrian architecture firm, Coop Himmelb(l)au has come up with a new way to take yourself ‘off the grid.’ “The CHBL Jammer Coat is a piece of clothing that enables its user to disappear: Google can’t find you anymore,” as Coop Himmelb(l)au describes.

As you can see in the images below, this ‘piece of clothing’ is most definitely not inconspicuous at all. Instead of being hidden from those around you, it allows you not be tracked (or accessible) in any way via your phone, tablet, or any other device while it is being held inside any of the multiple pockets of the coat.

More Detailed Pictures of iPhone 6


As has happened a lot recently, more iPhone 6 pictures have been released. 9to5Mac has been given some new pictures of iPhone 6 dummies via Sonny Dickson.

These pictures don’t really show us a whole lot more than we’ve already seen. But they do show how the camera and flash will look on the back of the device. The images also show the size difference between the 5.5″ iPhone and 4.7″ iPhone.

New Information and Pics About the iPhone 6 Leaked



New images of the supposed iPhone 6 backing have shown themselves on a website out of China this weekend. These images go along with previous┬áleaked images and videos as well as multiple reports claiming this new design. These images are the clearest we’ve seen so far and show all sides of the iPhone and the design changes said to be coming.

Another report states that Apple will be including NFC, wireless charging capabilities, and faster LTE to the next iPhone. Along with NFC, Apple is supposedly working on updating their mobile payments platform.

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LG G3 Announced


Yesterday LG announced its latest flagship phone, the G3. Most of the specs of this phone (and even the way it looked) were leaked over the past few weeks. So there really wasn’t much left to be surprised by. Although, LG did show a few new features that are said to make using the G3 simpler.

The main specs include a 5.5″ QuadHD 2560 x 1660 display with 538 PPI, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip that runs at 2.5 GHz, 2GB of ram and 16GB of storage. There is also a 3GB/32GB version available. Other feature include a 3000 mAH removable battery with wireless charging and an SD card slot that can handle up to 128GB cards.

LG G3 Press Images Leaked


screen-shot-2014-05-14-at-7-27-47-amRecently we’ve been seeing more and more leaked information about LG’s newest flagship, the G3 and today is no exception. Phone Arena posted some very revealing press images of the G3. To say the least, it is a very good looking phone. The brushed aluminum, all metal back is very sleek and the thin bezels on the front make the 5.5″ screen fit nicely onto a not-so-giant-looking phone.

As you can see, LG has kept the buttons on the back center of the device. Only this time, they appear to be a lot more flush with the back of the phone as opposed to the buttons on the G2.